Eagle Card Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Eagle Card?

The Eagle Card is the 2013-14 student ID card.  The ID card has a magnetic strip on the back which will allow parents to add funds to the card in the manner of a prepaid declining balance card. Your student will be able to use this card to pay for meals in the cafeteria, to purchase snacks after school in the Student Store, as well to purchase tickets for events like Homecoming food court, dances, drama productions and the Justice Fair.


What are the advantages of using the Eagle Card system?

By funding your student’s card you will eliminate the need for providing daily cash or writing checks to the school for the cafeteria. You can add money on the card from home by using your credit card, review your student’s purchasing activities and better budget the funds required for your student’s meals and other school activities.


How do I Start?

First you must register your student’s card from the school’s internet site 

            Go to the link for the EAGLE CARD on the HOME tab. When the site opens click on “Register”.

You must have the student ID card (CAMPUS ID) to register.


Complete the information requested on the registration page.


What are the tabs on the Web Portal?

ACCOUNTS is the opening tab upon logging into the system. It contains basic cardholder information, your account summary, recent activity on your card and your previous month’s statements.  The account summary contains links to add money to the card accounts.

CARD SERVICES allows you to deactivate and activate your student’s account, which will suspend access to processing transactions using the card

PROFILE contains cardholder information, alert preferences, saved payment methods, and where you can change your password.


What are the FUNDS?

We have established two student funds, CAFETERIA CASH and EAGLE CASH. You can use the Cafeteria fund to restrict money added to your student’s card for use ONLY in the cafeteria. Monies added to Eagle Cash may be used anywhere on campus, preferable for most students.


What payment methods are accepted for placing funds on the Eagle Card?

            Cash or check, American Express, VISA, MasterCard and Discover


How do I add funds using a credit card to the student account?   

Funds may be added to your card by going to the Eagle Card Portal link on the Chaminade web site:



Select the link for the Eagle Card and you will be redirected to the Deposit Portal. The direct link to the portal is:



Can Guests add funds to my students account?

Yes, select the Guest Deposit link on the Chaminade web site. The direct link is:


How do I deposit cash/check on my student’s card?

You may submit cash or check to the Business Office to add funds to the student account.


What do I do if I lose or misplace my card?

You should go to the web portal and deactivate your card.  You can reactivate your card from the portal when it is found.

If I misplace or forget my card, will I still be able to eat in the Cafeteria?

If you have money on your card, report to the Business Office prior to lunch and request a temporary permit for the cafeteria. The Business Office will look-up your account and provide an authorization form for the cafeteria with your name & ID# to allow the manual processing of your charges.  

Where do I go if I need to replace my card?

The school’s Library will issue replacement cards for students and faculty. There is a $5 charge to replace the ID card. The old card will be inactivated and will no longer be usable.

Can I add funds to my card from my Smartphone?

Yes, there is now a mobile app for iPhone and Android.  The app is Blackboard Transact Mobile.  You will first need to make at least one deposit from the website and save a payment method before you can make deposits with the mobile app.  The app also allows you to check balances, change your password and report your card lost.

What if I forget my User ID or Password?

Select “Recover your password” from the log in page.  The information will be sent to the email address you provided when registering the card.

Where can I see the current activity on my card?

            When logged into the Web Portal, the ACCOUNTS page has a tab for Account Transactions and Account Statements.

How long does it take for funds deposited to become available for use by my student?

Funds added to your student’s card from the web portal or your smart phone are available within a couple of minutes of the completing the transaction. 

Who do I contact if I have a question?

Contact Trish Lyons or Don Wilson in the Business Office at (818) 366-9284